Individual Therapy for You

People seek professional help for a variety of reasons including treatment for anxiety, depression, and other life stressors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) refers to specific methods and techniques that change the maladaptive or distorted ideas and beliefs an individual holds, as well as the behaviors prevalent in anxiety and mood disorders.  The basic idea of CBT is that how we think, act, and feel all interact with and influence one another.  With Ms. Massi’s help, clients will learn to identify the maladaptive or negative thoughts and beliefs replacing them with more positive thoughts, in turn affecting the dysfunctional behaviors through exposure, response prevention and other behavioral techniques.  Through exercises, the client will learn effective self-help techniques which will be available to use in real-life situations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is usually a short-term, goal-directed therapy.  Weekly individual therapy sessions last approximately 50 minutes and are conducted in the office.  However, the length of treatment and number of sessions may vary from individual to individual.  Exposures in the home or elsewhere in the community may be warranted depending on the needs of each individual client.  Regular attendance is strongly recommended for maximum effectiveness.  Together we will build a therapeutic plan that caters to you.